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The Iconic Coders Academy is made up of two Iconic Programs;

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Computer Class

Ages 7-17

Our Junior Academy Curriculum is centers around Elementary through High School aged students who will recreationally explore coding by creating video games, animated stories and so much more!

This program is designed to take away the intimidation of computer science that tends to deter students, by creating fun ways of challenging their thinking skills along with finding their creative side. 

As super coders journey through our academy, they will earn badges and certificates as they complete milestones and learn lessons. 

Young Girl Playing Computer Games
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Ages 18-101

Coming soon, our adult academy curriculum is focused around introducing the fundamentals of computer science as well as creating programs using industry standard coding languages. 


 The adult academy program is designed to prepare our students with the skills needed to obtain their Microsoft Certification and pursue computer science as a professional career.


Computer Tutorials

Coming Soon!

Computer Software Guidance
Young People - Meeting With Computers